Today I released my first Android application, Tabata Trainer.
Developing this app has made learning Android development a very pleasant experience, while at the same time adding something new to the mobile ecosystem.

This app aims at providing a way for Tabata practitioners and general sports fans to do their exercises in an appropriate and automated timely manner. It also provides the ability for users to define/plan their own training exercises and times. More features are planned for next releases!

Tabata is a form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) based on a study by Izumi Tabata. It initially consisted of one exercise carried out intensively during 20 seconds with 10 seconds of rest after it. This exercise was looped 8 times, giving a total of 4 minutes.

Summary of features:
  • Tabata timer;
  • Start/pause/stop controls;
  • Definition of rest and exercise time;
  • Definition of the number of rounds;
  • Definition of any number of exercises, with textual descriptions, that form a custom training/workout;
  • Text-to-speech engine to read exercises' names to guide users throughout their workouts;
  • Sound alerts: Resting; Exercising; Darth Vader breath stimulator; Workout completed;
  • English (UK) and Portuguese (Portugal) text languages supported;
  • Text-to-speech in Portuguese is not available due to lack of support from Android;
  • No ads and no special access permissions required;
  • Sound, speech and display sleeping mode configurable;
  • Ability to share current workout;
  • Horizontal layout and Tablet support;
  • Settings;
  • Customizable sounds;
  • Ability to disable the background gradient.
[the list of features was last updated on November 2013 and is now outdated, please check the changelog.]

    If you are willing to do some working out with this application, head over to the Tabata Trainer's Play Store page or Amazon Appstore and give it a try!

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