After noticing there were no known methods of rooting the tablet Memup SlidePad NG 808DC (the methods for the other models did not work with this one), I took some hours off in the past 20th of July to check how hard it could be. It seems it's actually pretty easy and, finally, I'm going to post my method. Although the first root method on the web specific for this tablet, it may work for similar devices as well, but that's on your own responsibility.

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The following steps assume you know how to flash a ROM to your SlidePad, as well as using ADB to get the tablet's shell.

Pre-requisites: If not already, flash the original 4.1.1 ROM provided in the french memup website:; ADB must be installed in your computer (;

Step 1: Make sure /usr/xbin/su must already exists, the original 4.1.1 ROM provides it, so it's okay;

Step 2: Download;

Step 3: Get the "su" binary from to the SD card (/storage/sdcard0/external_sdcard);

Step 4: Enter the tablet's shell, using the command adb shell;

Step 5: Go root in the shell, using the command su;

Step 6: Backup /system/xbin/su, using cp /system/xbin/su /system/xbin/su.bak;

Step 7: Replace the system's "su" with the SD card one, using cp /storage/sdcard0/external_sdcard/su /system/xbin/su and then, chmod 6755 /system/xbin/su;

Step 8: Install Superuser APK (ClockworkMod's one) from the or Play Store;

Step 9: Run Superuser and let it update the "su" binary if a newer version is available;


You're welcome to ask for any clarification on the steps above.
Originally written on 20th July 2013, posted on 6th October 2013.