Dec 15, 2017 - Android-x86 on SD card with NTFS, Secure Boot and UEFI


Android-x86 on SD card with NTFS, Secure Boot and UEFI:

I will show you how to install the 64-bit version of Android-x86 7.1rc2 (and likely other versions such as CM14.1 rc1, or other operating systems based on Android-x86 such as RemixOS), on a SD/microSD card using NTFS as the filesystem (thus providing a fast Android experience) with Secure Boot and UEFI boot.


Jan 3, 2016 - Windows 10 Search - These results may be incomplete


Ever since my laptop was updated from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 through Windows Update, the search feature has been behaving very poorly due to some past damage buried deep in Windows, its registry or somewhere within/around the Indexing service. This post is not about discussing what might be causing all these issues, but to provide a workaround which might work for some instances of two specific symptoms: missing searched items in the start menu, including items from the Control Panel, and a constant warning claiming that "These results may be incomplete..." as can be seen in the partial screenshot below.


Nov 16, 2015 - OnePlus 2 (ARMv8) Encryption Performance Benchmarks


One of the few things that my next smartphone would need to have was some kind of accelerated filesystem encryption, either hardware or software-based. The reason behind this is to have both the security advantages of full disk encryption [1] and I/O performance along with power efficiency we've come to expect from the latest handsets/tablets.


Feb 25, 2015 - New blog platform


It is official, this blog is now hosted at Besides the change of domain, the platform has also been migrated from Blogger to Jekyll, hosted in GitHub Pages. This decision will allow me to maintain the pages with more ease and flexibility, leveraging most of the benefits of using git. All comments have been migrated to Disqus and are already displayed in the new platform.

Jul 13, 2014 - OpenWrt builds for WNDR3700v1 with Open vSwitch


This page lists OpenWrt firmware images built by me for use on the NETGEAR WNDR3700v1, with built-in Open vSwitch support (thanks to Julius Schulz-Zander and Roan Huang).

MD5 sums are present as well.


20140725 - r41825:
  • Image size: 5121 KiB (remaining: 2560 KiB);
  • Removed LuCI (install via opkg);
  • Uses Linux kernel 3.10.49.
20140715 - r41599:
  • Image size: 5377 KiB (remaining: 2304 KiB);
  • Bump to r41599 (omitted changelog entry from now on);
  • Added LuCI;
  • Added kmod-8021q;
  • Added kmod-veth.
20140713 - r41584:
  • Image size: 5057 KiB (remaining: 2624 KiB);
  • First build uploaded, based on svn revision 41584;
  • Just like daily snapshots, this build is very minimalistic;
  • No MIPS16 instructions;
  • Built-in Open vSwitch 2.1.2.

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Mar 6, 2014 - Wrkout 2.0 for Android has been released


A new version Wrkout has been released!

This version finally unifies Wrkout, rebranding Tabata Trainer to Wrkout HIIT and the previous Wrkout to Wrkout Pro.

Major highlights for Wrkout 2.0 include:
  • Product/brand unification;
  • The ability to import and export workouts from/to several places (cloud too);
  • The ability to set a loop count for specific exercises, individually;
  • The ability to set exercise and rest times per individual exercise;
  • New high-res logos;
  • Other improvements and more help entries.

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For the complete list of changes please analyse the changelog of each app:
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Wrkout apps are available in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. If you are interested in translating to other language(s), please contact me.

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